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Positive Messages Greg's mom is full of wisdom as always: Learning to deal with "conflict" is part of growing up, and kids who spend too much time with video games forget how to interact.

In this installment, kids are outside most of the time engaged in exciting, creative play that involves lots of problem-solving, strategy, and cooperation with other kids.

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Also, the book may entice kids to start their own journals. He then auditions for the school production of The Wizard of Oz , where he lands the role of a tree. During Christmas break, Greg and Rowley decide to play a game in which Rowley has to ride a bike while Greg tries to knock him off. The teenagers leave when Rowley eats the cheese. Dogs attack and go for leftover pizza, not kids. It also cost him a lot of money to buy stamps for the letters. Kids will learn a bit about climate change and the extinction of the dinosaurs, as well as medieval castle warfare. From Greg's perspective, his father is not normal because he gets up early on Saturdays to clean the house. That day, his brother locked him in the basement to keep him away from the party. His parents let his older brother listen to heavy metal music with parental warnings on them, but not Greg.

When his mother punishes Greg, she takes a few days to figure out his punishment. It is a good book to understand American culture.

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They became friends because Greg felt sorry for Rowley. Less potty humor in this installment: Greg's friend goes to the bathroom behind a rock and almost gets caught. Greg tries to listen to his brother's Parent Advisory-labeled music and gets caught. After Rowley heals up, he and Greg join the safety patrol in which they walk the younger kids to their homes. There's not as much potty humor in this book to watch out for, but Greg often makes bad decisions, usually out of forgetfulness or laziness. Positive Messages The story may make light of troublemaking because it's part of the humor, but there are consequences and lessons kids can easily learn about what the main character should have done. A lot or a little? And saw the picture up there. Language Kids get in trouble in Independent Study for writing down all the swear words they know -- but you don't see any of the words, and it's for a pretty innocent reason. But will Greg's mom ruin everything for him, as she usually does? The other students notice that the cheese is missing, thinking that someone destroyed it. You will receive a lot of information from the daily life of Greg and find out that this book is quite interesting, so go read the Diary of a Wimpy Kid now.

Greg's parents try hard to lead him in the right direction; his mom is especially formidable in a few situations. Language Greg calls his friend an idiot. But Greg tells them that he decided to throw it away because he was sick of seeing it there.

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Episode Reviews. In this book Double DownGreg thinks that his whole life is being filmed like a movie.

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BOOK REVIEW: Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Double Down