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Modern Prometheus[ edit ] The Modern Prometheus is the novel's subtitle though modern editions now drop it, only mentioning it in introduction. Summaries 4 Summaries When the brilliant but unorthodox scientist Dr.

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Alphonse writes to Victor telling him to come home immediately since an unknown assailant murdered his youngest brother, William, by strangulation.

Soon, Walton's despair is interrupted by the sight of —a man!

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There he meets a professor of science, Krempe, who berates him for wasting his time on Agrippa and Paracelsus and suggests a more modern course of reading. He also placed a portrait in the lap of a sleeping young girl, Justine, thereby incriminating her with his crime.

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The narrative breaks off, and the Creature tells Frankenstein his demand: "You must create a female for me. He asserts that now that his creator has died, he too can end his suffering.

It's mind-blowing.

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