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Maduro won re-election to a new six-year term in the midst of a financial and humanitarian crisis.

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Maduro accused the opposition of staging a US-backed coup. Petkoff had seen the futility of trying again and backed Caldera.

Some low-level officers have moved against Mr.

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Background on the crisis. The town of Caracas, founded in the central coastal region inwas well-placed to become a key location, being near the coastal port of La Guaira whilst itself being located in a valley in a mountain range, providing defensive strength against pirates and a more fertile and healthy climate.

Maduro and Mr.

Venezuela history

After 63 days, the opposition finally called off the strike, which had cost the country 7. Why are things coming to a head now? Maduro was sworn in for a second term in January, Mr. They were also skilled craftspeople, as we can judge by the artifacts they left behind: examples of their fine pottery are shown in museums across the country. On one hand, with the situation spiraling out of control, it feels impossible that the status quo could continue. With their belief that his election was illegitimate, they claimed that by retaking power, Maduro was converting Venezuela into an illegitimate de facto dictatorship. Since that vote, opposition figures and foreign governments, including many in Latin America, have called Mr. For normal Venezuelans, everyday life has become increasingly difficult. Imagine not being able to shower for multiple days in a row, relying on candlelight to see in your home, or not having access to the Internet — this has become a common occurrence for Venezuelans. But the situation seems to be changing, on Saturday a high-ranking Venezuelan air force general said he had disavowed Nicolas Maduro and now recognised opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim head-of-state, according to a video circulating on Twitter. The first includes members of Mr.

He also reportedly claimed that 90 percent of the armed forces no longer support Maduro. Many resort to buying and selling food, medicine, and other necessities on a black marketbut these goods are sold at a higher price.

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Guaido rose from obscurity to the self-declared interim president of Venezuela in a matter of weeks. Bybefore his death, Chavez was a force to be reckoned with — he had strategically placed his supporters at the most important levels of the government, the military, and the state-run oil company.

That is, in some manner to get the country back on track to the "good old times".

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By the 18th century, Africans had surpassed the indigenous population in terms of number. Elevations there range from 1, to 5, feet to 1, metres. He enjoyed popular support and actually completed the constitutional five-year term of office — the first democratically elected Venezuelan president to do so. The name of Venezuela appeared for the first time on a map in and has remained to this day. Runaway inflation has plunged much of the country into desperate poverty. A contested election President Maduro was first elected in April after the death of his predecessor, Hugo Chavez. Various Arawak groups were scattered over the western plains and north up to the coast. Public anger is over more than corruption and mismanagement of the economy. These numbers seemed to indicate that the controversial leader was running out of gas. Several civilians and military were killed during the uprising. Maduro has, perhaps wisely, avoided ordering to crack down on protesters. One of the biggest challenges people face is hyperinflation.

Along the southern border with Brazil are groups of massive plateaus and steep-sided mesas, known as tepuis tepuyescapped with erosion-resistant sandstone and covered with intermingled savanna and semideciduous forest.

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Venezuela: A simple guide to understanding the current crisis