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Some characteristics of Romanticism include: emotion over reason, senses over intellect, love for nature, use of the hero and the exceptional figure in general, emphasis of imagination being the gateway to spiritual truth, and an interest in folk cul They were in total defiance of the morals set by the movement known as the neoclassical period.

This period glorified the past, especially the mid-evil period. In my opinion, Wollstonecraft took a brave step. Romanticism is often viewed as a rejection of the ideologies of Classicism and Neoclassicisms, namely calm, order, harmony, idealization, rationality and balance.

This rebellion against the cultural norm caused differing standpoints. Fresh ideals came to the fore; in particular, the ideal of freedom, long cherished in Englandwas being extended to every range of human endeavour.

Dvorak began his early music education training when he was eight years old at the local school in his village Liszt wanted change and the music composing to evolve and some composers saw his compositions as being too radical Urpi.

The meaning of the term freedom is often open to interpretation, and can represent different meanings to different groups of people. Just as the Fire side poets, the transcendentalist were also really into nature. It was characterized by an emphasis on individualization and emotion.

Romantic artist saw beauty in this and choose to refer to it as Gothic Romance.

romantic period in english literature summary

Most of the writers of the Romantic period followed Pantheism "God is everything and everything is God

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The Spirit of the Romantic Period Essay