An analysis of the physical and emotional pain that tattered solider illustrated in the book

He also loses his ability to speak to his family. After thinking that he and his fellow Union soldiers have bested the Rebels, he is dismayed when the enemy charges towards them once more.

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He was done. My pain had flown beyond the confines of its bone shop. Additionally, Paul and his friends do not consider the opposing armies to be their real enemies; in their view, their real enemies are the men in power in their own nation, who they believe have sacrificed them to the war simply to increase their own power and glory.

Once I wrote a story from that open wound W. He showed a quiet belief in his purposes and his abilities.

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I find myself in a bind. They want to hide their fears and their doubts. My ex had been pulling away before I ever confessed anything to him.

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At the very last, at the pinnacle: into art. It yields honesty. I see it in female writers and their female narrators, troves of stories about vaguely dissatisfied women who no longer fully own their feelings. I find myself in a bind. They frequently go without food and sleep, adequate clothing, or sufficient medical care. Woman is a pain that never goes away. The boons of a wound never get rid of it; they just bloom from it. Henry exaggerates their fighting prowess to the extent that they no longer seem human - they are "machines of steel" 36 and "redoubtable dragons" I felt particularly wounded by the brilliant and powerful female poet who visibly flinched during a workshop at Harvard when I started reciting Sylvia Plath.

I was ready to weaponize my menarche.

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