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The script is very sharply written in the mockumentary style, and while its not perfect, it does deftly skewer small-town life and the value we place on beauty competitions. Funny as a satirical concept?

Amber lives in a trailer park with her beer-swilling mother Annette a fabulous Ellen Barkin and pseudo-aunt Loretta national treasure Allison Janneyand dreams of following in the footsteps of her hero, Diane Sawyer.

Other daughters are resentful puppets. To see? But comedy is, after all, mercurial — both shaped by and shaping our worldview. It stands to reason that as our world has grown more absurd in the last 20 years, comedy has followed suit, blurring the lines between satire and reality.

News reporter Diane Sawyer is mentioned throughout the film as Kirsten Dunst's character Amber Atkins's idol as Sawyer was a former beauty pageant winner.

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It is also irreplaceable, hilarious, surprisingly tender, and lavishly, magnificently absurd. The reception of this movie is a perfect example of how less-than-bright, thin-skinned, lily-livered critics destroy perfectly enjoyable movies because they don't like people being "mean" or because the characters aren't "likable.

It would have been unthinkable back in that the things that made Drop Dead Gorgeous feel so deeply transgressive like women being gross and weird would become so mainstream.

But the image of the charred can embedded in scarred flesh is not funny, and every time it turns up, it casts its little pall.

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In , Allison Janney stated in an interview that she is approached by more fans of this film than for her Emmy-winning tenure on The West Wing. We take it for granted that we have so many oddballs now to make us laugh when just 20 years ago, it was a rarity. Under these circumstances, putting the words ''drop dead'' in the title really is tempting fate. You will find yourself chuckling all they way! Some of the daughters are compensating for insecurity; they think a crown will affirm their worth. The script is very sharply written in the mockumentary style, and while its not perfect, it does deftly skewer small-town life and the value we place on beauty competitions. Young people today seem to have a native understanding of the tension between calculation and naturalness that has always defined beauty pageants and that now defines much of identity performance in general.

Napoleon Dynamite arrived individing audiences and critics alike with its deadpan titular character who has a backyard full of llamas in Idaho, wears moon boots, and has a serious thing for tater tots. Jia Tolentino is a staff writer at The New Yorker.

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Her big competition: trailer-park cutie Amber Kirsten Dunst , whose alcoholic mother, Annette Ellen Barkin , is burned in a fire and spends much of the movie with a beer can permanently fused to the flesh of her hand. These two self-appointed impresarios relish being big fish in small ponds, but their over-sized ambitions and egos quickly and hilariously derail their respective dreams. Both films are funny, but a lot has changed in the last 20 years, including comedic sensibilities, and the absurdities that made Drop Dead Gorgeous flop in are now the backbone of most comedy — mainstream or otherwise. Tweet Sometimes I wonder how anyone could have thought a screenplay was funny enough to film. Maybe in , Drop Dead Gorgeous was always doomed to be runner-up, but in , its weird humor takes the crown. Just start watching. Background[ edit ] The movie is set in the fictional town of Mount Rose, Minnesota. Advertisement Now there's an example of how a mental image can be funnier than a real one--how a screenplay can fail to translate. The accents portrayed in the movie are that of the North Central American dialect found in the Midwest, notably Minnesota.

You'll get hooked like I was.

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