Big festival in my country

Big festival in my country

Cue Card Answer 1: China is a country of numerous festivals and we love to celebrate different occasions whole-heartedly. Usually, people get their harvest at that time and makes different delicious foods. The rally, the song, the traditional dresses, the traditional foods, the boat racing, cock-fight, pigeon racing and many more activities are very common in this festival. On this occasion, little children often dress up as Lord Krishna. Men, women and children all wear the traditional dresses, draws some temporary arts and tattoos, go to the central University place and enjoys the festival greatly. Naga tribes from the neighboring states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh also take part in the celebrations. After emperor Akbar introduced this Bengali New Year, we are celebrating with great enthusiasm and in a distinctive way.

Eid celebrates the conclusion of the 29 or 30 days of dawn-to-sunset fasting during the entire month of Ramadan. Everyone present was stunned at the thought that their guru had killed five innocent Sikhs.

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Rakshabandhan Rakshabandhan National Festivals of India Rakshabandhan or Rakhi cherishes the bond between a brother and a sister. Maha Shivratri, meaning the Great Night of Shiva, is celebrated across all corners of the country.

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Preparation for the festival. So efforts to eradicate it have been largely unsuccessful. People observe this festival by reading the Guru Granth Sahib for two days prior to the festival, and organizing special assemblies on the teaching of the guru and community meals in the gurudwaras. After prayers, firecrackers ring loudly into the night, lighting up the sky. All tribes of the state participate in these celebrations, making it a true extravaganza. Adherents believe that the vodun spirits are deities governing both man and nature. Sisters do a small puja for their brothers, and tie a colourful and often ornately decorated thread called a Rakhi on their wrist. In the run up to this festival, a large number of idols are made of clay or metal in all possible sizes; sometimes even up to twenty feet in height. On the actual days of Diwali, India lights up with the collective celebrations of millions of devout homes all over. A big fire is lit, around which men and women sit in their best attire, drinking wine, eating meat, and making merry. During the festival, you can see colorful performances by the participants, traditional food fairs, art and crafts of the land, games, parades, and religious ceremonies that uphold the beauty of Nagaland in a unique manner. Colorful festivities spanning over ten days mark the celebrations. At this point, the Guru presented all the five men before the people. The women-folk dance in a circle, singing 'Garbas' or traditional songs. We bring to you a hand-picked list of the most popular, vibrant and widely celebrated festivals of India that reflect the cultural beauty of this country.

The entire ten day period is marked with much fasting, feasting, singing and dancing. They also visit temples or set up prayer rooms at home and pray to Lord Krishna.

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For the first question sat the festival name i. This one day festival generally falls in the month of August.

There are various legends associated with the Indian Festival.

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Cue Card Answer 1: China is a country of numerous festivals and we love to celebrate different occasions whole-heartedly.

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