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Would you like more help like this? Could you say that again? I used to play football at school but since I left I haven't really done much. Reply questions like 'Have you? Why are people like this so influential in our careers?

Q: Where are you from?

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Generally, students should link two of the three things they should write about and put them in one paragraph. Q: Do you do any sports? I used to play football at school but since I left I haven't really done much. Most importantly, can you supply a temporary replacement while our robot is being fixed? Instead, it is always commissioned by organizations to test groups of people like staff, students and potential employees. Information Exchange Your company has its own gym and fitness suite and you have been asked to write an article for the company newsletter encouraging people to use it. Q: Have you done much travelling? Candidates have to manage that time themselves. You should be prepared to take an active role in the discussion rather than waiting to be prompted by the examiner. A: Yes. If the examiner says something that you don't understand, use any of the questions below to take control. The tips supplied will be of particular interest to those working towards BULATS advanced grades of and upper advanced grades It's a fantastic city

You can begin by introducing the topic and in the main body of your talk describe the three sub-points. The examiner gives you a sheet with 3 topics on work-related subjects.

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My other main question was about after sales service. The question will help you structure your talk. The required length is words. Avoid giving a very dry, unimaginative introduction such as 'The interview I'm going to describe took place One difference between the genres that might be worth mentioning is that letters tend to be a bit more formal than emails, and formality generally is something that is important for students to get right.

Part 1 Interview Tests ability to: use language for social purposes, e.

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