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Main cast[ edit ] Ben Ashenden as Dan, the eldest of the three brothers.

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He is a naive sweetheart, laid back and hopes to get together with Jamie's teacher Miss Pemberton. Rio 16 things to know about the business of the Olympics Although TV3 Group increased its share over the period, this was largely due to gains for 3e. It was announced in that Comedy Central and Channel X had greenlit a new prank comedy reality show presented and starting YouTuber Ben Phillips and his friends.

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Producers want commissions. They often contain loose themes and are on occasion sponsored, such as the "He Ain't Funny, He's My Brother" marathon which ran on the night of 24 November She is a magazine journalist and quite a live wire.

We are looking for things that are big, broad and accessible, with the laugh-out-loud factor that comes from big jokes and set pieces.

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The big new player was Sky, a big employer in its own right.

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