Comparrison theories carl rogers and abraham maslow

Maslow advised that the hierarchy was designed to reflect the average specific, it emerges during individual development -satisfying the lower needs early in life and gradually as the individual develops these needs, then the higher desires will fall into place and turns into satisfied.

If humans are intrinsically evil, then they do good things only for personal gain, and Rogers believed feelings of self-worth developed in early childhood and were formed from the interaction of the child with the mother and father. In the other side, if some people are low in esteem, they may feel the worthlessness in themselves and become frustrated.

The way people acquire or fail to acquire complexity in the self-schema may be partly a matter of how much you think about yourself.

what is the difference between person centered theory and maslows hierarchy of needs

Being able to enjoy the current moment rather than always looking back in the past or forward to the future living for the moment.

What is the difference between Maslow and Rogers Theories? Self- actualization to maslow represents growth of an individual toward fulfilment of the best need.

maslow and rogers theory
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Maslow and Rogers Comparison Essay