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Chapter one is concerned with the introduction of the research study and it presents the preliminaries, theoretical background, statement of the problem, aim and objectives of the study, significance of the study, scope of the study, organization of the research and definition of terms. Incorrect data entry giving rise to wrong information resulting in wrong decision making. This type of maintenance covers areas like debugging the system off errors by running anti-virus applications, to remove or prevent viruses from attacking the programs especially the newly developed application and other programs that contribute to its smooth operation within the computer system. Finally the developed software is also recommended for other institutions provided it is modified, updated to suit the purpose and interest of such an institution. On the software side, developments in database structures, simulation technologies, and artificial intelligence models promise to dramatically improve the efficiency and capabilities of assessment administration, scoring, and reporting. This takes place in anticipation of an unforeseen fault in other to avoid it. Fast computation and data compression and decomposition ii. According to Inventional Standard Organization ISO in , define result processing system as the act of analyzing an information or an outcome of any experiment practical examination to have a meaningful end point or an average grade point at the end. TIME This was by for the most important hindrance to this work. Software maintenance, on the other hand, entails the maintenance of all the software or programs within the system to check for bugs which could hinder 35 program execution or operation. Computer-adaptive Model: A pattern showing how a manual system will be developed into a computerized system.

Additionally training programs, seminars and workshop for member in the department should be introduced to increase computer literacy rate. Incorrect data entry giving rise to wrong information resulting in wrong decision making. Another fundamental aspect of twentieth century life is the vast amount and variety of information surrounding man.

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The automated result processing systems enhance the reliability and convenience in computation of student score and generate their respective grade point in each course.

Irrespective of all our endevours, this research was not given the appropriate possible treatment due to time factor. As a student faced with other financial commitments to attend to this much fund was very difficult to generate 1.

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Know the number of persons staff under the federal polytechnic nekede. Large volume of data storage and documentation iv.

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Computerization is the process of changing or converting a manual work done into an automated process using a computer. And also make sure that problem accoutered in recording information is highly minimized.

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Student Examination Result Processing System