Exam 3 sociology of gender winter

Merton, R. The topic for essay is: The current society is….

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Petrusek, M. Slon Giddens,A. Struktura sociologie. Sociologie rodiny. Sociology and culture. Praha: Argo. Identity and sexuality. Role of goverments. Information, somatic, ludic society. Berger P. Requirements for exam: 1 Essay approx. Petr Soukup, Ph. Goffmana a etnometodologie H.

Class, strata. Social inequality. Paradigms of sociology. Berger P. Family, sexuality. O televizi. Family, marriage and kinship. Fafejta, M.

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Norton not necessary to read chapters 12, 13, 14 and 17 Reader: Massey, G.

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Intro to Sociology Exam 3 Flashcards by Charles Vincent