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Entering new markets. Currency and expenses Figure 1 shows an example of currency rates affecting costs of goods sold.

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However, in business planning, you are looking ahead and planning business decisions, not reporting to tax authorities. A rainy day in Rio I looked out the window of a parked plane, at a dark, drizzly airport in Rio de Janeiro. Trade shows are a good, inexpensive resource to help you see market potentials and downsides. Now how do you get started? You can sometimes be involved in multiple currencies, three or four in a single transaction. STEP 3: Find out your industry's future growth in the international market. A What are your long-term goals for this business in the next 5 years? You deal with the Quetzal prices with similar formulas, referring to the number of Quetzals required to equal a dollar. The markets in Mexico might change because Japanese buyers are affecting supply and demand, which raises prices. Planning is a continuous process. What resources do you use? Guess right, and you make money. This is not an unusual problem. By the peso was still stuck to

Sensitive and aware of the cultural implications of doing business internationally. You can sometimes be involved in multiple currencies, three or four in a single transaction.

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STEP 3: Develop an action plan to reach your short-term goals by using international trade. Also, there are factors affected by when you translate your foreign currency elements into dollars.

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As an example, in the s I was living in Mexico and writing for Business Week magazine. Department of Commerce. When doing business in multiple countries, you also have to deal with multiple markets and market trends. How often do I have to do this? In the following three years I gave business planning seminars in eight different Latin American countries, and five in Asia for four different computer manufacturer sponsors. STEP 2: Define short-term goals. To understand that, you should first recognize that regardless of how international your business might be, you are still going to do your books and report your numbers to the tax authorities in a single currency. Guess wrong, and you lose.

Talk to people in the same business or industry, research industry-specific magazines, attend trade fairs and seminars. Currency exchange rates are the first thing that concerns most people as they consider an international-oriented business plan.

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