Fund management

The result: an average return of approximately 7 percent for the past 20 years. In more favourable times a larger part of the portfolio is invested in real assets.

fund management example

Fill in your e-mail address below and we will keep you updated. Our people are your single point of contact for all questions relating to asset management. The fund manager's duties include studying the client's needs and financial goals, creating an investment plan, and executing the investment strategy.

importance of fund management

They represent your interests based on their fiduciary role. We assist you in the entire investment process, issuing integral advice.

fund management basics

These financial professionals are responsible for implementing your investment policy and assisting in all your investment processes. Within the investment committee Jolmer emphasises individual stocks and bonds.

An example would be investment managers who fix the assets of pension funds for pension investors. Read more Investment funds Clients can also choose to participate in one of the Laaken investments funds.

Our clients benefit from economies of scale. It gives them access to investment options and external mandates for example private equity and infrastructure that would otherwise not be an option, or at least not at the same favorable conditions.

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Funds Management