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Acme Success stephanix90 gmail. Also, it is worthy to note that at any given point in time, the above projections might be higher or lower. The situation isn't entirely hopeless because governments, communities and civil society organisations are coming up with ways that may alleviate poverty and empower rural folks by creating wealth. The starchy roots of cassava are the primary source of food for more than million people all over the world. The number of unemployed youths is mind-boggling and among them are over five million young boys and girls with NYSC discharge certificates roaming about the noaks and crannies of the country searching for jobs that do not exist. The project is very profitable. We intend to carry out a thorough market survey that will allow us determine the quantity that would be needed to be processed for each colour of Garri. Delivery Period: Delivery of the machines shall be 8 weeks from the payment of the 80 percent and the clearing of the cheque. That is why I will advise that you should consider starting a business based on the processing and marketing of Garri. Profitability will also increase if the shifts are increased. There would be other workers like; one security personnel with a salary of 20, per day.

Nigeria remains the largest producer of cassava in the world. The broken cake is thrown into the mechanical fryer and the turning and frying is done by the machine, all by itself. It is therefore important that marketing strategies be drafted before a business becomes operational.

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We intend to participate in community programs and school events as a way of getting close to our customers. It consumed by over million Nigerians- home and abroad. Proficient with Microsoft full pack including excel and power point.

Garri industry

There would be other workers like; one security personnel with a salary of 20, per day. Our population grows at the rate of 3. Maximize cross-fertilization among Nigeria Government Agricultural policy project Loan and grants in the area of cassava processing and marketing 2. Another factor in our favor is the fact that most garri processing businesses in Ogun State and around process only white garri Ijebu and normal which limits them to just certain segments of the market. Four tons of cassava tubers produce one ton of gari. The client will take care of their accommodation, transportation, feeding etc. It is highly recommended to state governments, local Government and community Development Agencies who should use it in poverty alleviation, rural empowerment, employment creation and revenue generation. However, our profit generation will not only come from one source as we intend to exploit other different means so as to increase the revenue base of our company. Price competitive.

The formula to find the state of the united states economy Business plan on garri processing industry I will talk about the Garri production business today because it is one of the surest way to be a billionaire in Nigeria and Africa at large.

The modern Gari Processing Plant is designed to fill this void.

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But notwithstanding all these, Garri is still a very popular and favourite food for many people as the adverse effects rarely affects people. We intend to process for sale white garri and yellow garri so as to be able to cater to our teeming customers.

We know that once customers identify with our efforts at integrating into the community through social participations, then patronage towards our business will increase.

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If you intend starting your own garri processing business, then you will need a land where you will not only install your facility, but it must also be near as possible to your source of raw materials — which for this instance is the cassava farm.

Wilson John Mathew has a B. The cost however, depends on the capacity which could vary from the tonnage per day.

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Our Competitive Advantage Every business that is established with the intention of making profit and intends to compete favourably with others in the industry knows that it needs to draft competitive advantage strategies that will enable it to have an upper hand over other businesses in the same industry. The threat facing our business will be from having a strong competitor operating same products from around the same location. We encourage state governments, Local Governments, Community Development Bodies and others to join in the task of creating jobs by establishing and expanding projects in their localities that will use local raw materials in creating wealth and jobs. Plantain is manually peeled, grated in the hammer mill and pressed in the hydraulic jack to dewater it. Nigeria is the world largest producer of Cassava. The industrial processing of cassava in Nigeria holds much potential for investors. Attractive packaging in various sizes to meet various demand levels. Installation: Our technicians will install and test run the plant. However, more people are likely to take one color of garri than the other depending on their location.
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Cassava Farming & Processing (Garri Production) Business Plan