How do you write a reflective memo

Below is the actual text of my memo. Through the analysis, the content, design, and language used were essential components to the recommendations I suggested in the memo formatted assignment. What have you learned in this class that will be useful in the short- and longterm?

I had to analyze an article and an image to come up with questions about their audience, text, purpose, and medium and somehow link the two together.

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Even though I am not as good of a writer as some of the people in class you still valued the improvement I have made over this course. Looking back on the learning objectives, it is evident that this course clearly has achieved its purpose in my academic career. Above all: usability. After facing that challenge, I had another dilemma: executing the basics of a memo. Personally, I found this to be the most challenging assignment because it took me a while to understand the basics of it. After a long selection of ideas and innovative themes we had in mind for the client, we began to write the proposal. In the Hydraulic Fracturing assignment I submitted, I was able to understand the purpose of the document first and foremost which was to be able to explain an innovative procedure that commonly takes place in my area of study. It is very reasonable because audience is the group that we are writing to. For example if you take a look at my first major writing assignment and compare it to my second or third major writing assignment you can see that I have broken the bad habit of the five paragraph essay. My original intention thought the audience was for a family going on vacation.

I also added a concluding statement. The reflection memo allowed me to express my thoughts on the knowledge and experience I acquired throughout this semester. When writing and thinking about the audience I wrote down what my audience would expect out of my piece and made sure I incorporated these expectations into each of the three essays.

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This assignment detailed the changes teams in a workplace go through if and when setbacks occur. Summarization and rephrasing important information led me to present my chapter in the most efficient and comprehensible manner. Which item was the most difficult for you?

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Our client was incredibly humble and overwhelmed with the help we were willing to offer at no cost to them. Client Proposal: Imagination Federation This assignment began our service learning project with the Imagination Federation members.

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Reflective Memo