How to write a novel in six months

Is it enough? In just six months I wrote a novel from scratch that I am very happy with. Most of them have nothing to do with the book as a process.

Admit to your secret. I was writing. Instead of writing new material I went over what I had written so far and edited it a little, just to make sure the story line and character development was as cohesive as possible.

how do writers plan their stories

He happened to be a publisher who asked me if I would like him to hold me accountable? Published on: Sep 21, The opinions expressed here by Inc. None of these activities ever counted towards writing time.

What works might surprise you. Latest in Opinion. Know where your story really starts and where it needs to go, both with your plot development and character development.

Creating a timeline for writing a book

Life is what you make it, so ask yourself: how long are you willing to wait for your dreams to come true? Like many writers, we spent years getting in our own way, getting discouraged, feeling like there was no point in finishing. Allow yourself to become selfish with your mental obsessions. My point is that words add up quickly. Also limit your planning time. In fact, I never managed to make it very far past the first draft because of that. Every session is enjoyable and I look forward to them. The spectrum of small surprises are your chapters. My Accountability Buddy Twelve months ago I was finding it difficult to find the time to write. Check it out for yourself and see how it can transform your writing. We had both seriously considered doing a creative writing MA, but realised that while they are brilliant, what we really needed was help reaching the end of a novel.
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Write a Novel in Six Months