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As soon as they return, I will call you. These sources can be just about anything: Advertisements, articles, infographics, letters, maps, interviews, radio programs, podcasts and conversations are just some examples of the types of sources you may encounter.

First, I will talk about my book, and, secondly, I will answer your questions. I always eat breakfast at 7 am. Many send emails instead of letters.

Private schools are popular; consequently, they attract more students.

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The situation is just like it was described. I finally got a job. On the contrary, I agree with you. Post navigation. It involves studying grammar and vocabulary, and it also means immersing yourself in the Spanish language as much as possible. This toy was designed specifically for two-year-old children. It is used to introduce an additional idea. Finally, write a few sentences summarizing your personal opinion. Karen came and brought me the book shortly after she left. Puse tus libros sobre la mesa. Supporting an Opinion These words will help you refer to your three sources, which contain information that will help you support your argument. But can you form a coherent argument… in Spanish? Firstly, we will talk about the problems of this city. Are you up to the task? So, how does it work?

Demostrar is also an o-ue stem changing verb. Mi padre es muy serio y, por el contrario, mi madre es muy sonriente. It is certain that our climate is changing.

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I will soon be with you. When it expresses time, it approximately indicates a number. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn Spanish with real-world videos. In summary, the three sources show that air pollution is a very serious problem for the whole world. This city was quieter in the past. I will be a police officer when I grow up. Hay un parque cerca de mi casa. My parents are from Spain. She wants a coffee without milk, but I want it with milk and sugar. Keep in mind two things: on the one hand the time they will invest and, on the other, the money they will need to carry out this project. At the beginning it will be tough, but everything is tough at the beginning. When learning a new word, look at its spelling, meaning, usage and pronunciation.

Use this phrase to introduce a logical result. I want to say something to illustrate what I just said. Obviously, studying is very important.

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Spanish Words to Use In an Essay