How to write a radio ad for a book

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For example, if your product is an energy drink, the audience of potential buyers will be much larger on a station that largely reaches listeners aged 18 to 34 than one with a majority of retirement-age listeners. Sign up for a free Voices.

The station helped me by recommending someone they had used before. As well as being listened to in restaurants, shops and hotels, the radio station also has an online stream where listeners can log in and listen from anywhere in the world.

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15 second radio ad examples

Ask each radio station to provide the listener demographics applicable to your products — including age, income and gender — to find the best match for your advertising campaign. For example, juxtaposing the inconvenience of a dead mobile phone battery with a portable charger as the solution will resonate with listeners that experience that problem. Though traditional broadcast radio is still important, the medium has done a wonderful job of adapting with the times by growing into online streaming options and more. But those worlds are intersecting more and more. There is no formula for writing a second radio ad. On traditional radio, stick to prime time Many radio stations will insist on spreading your commercials around the clock. The unbearable itching. Please join the conversation via the comments box! Interested in hearing some voice over samples? This is particularly popular when it comes to podcast advertising.

And, of course, never knowing when another toe will fall off. Step 5: Offer the Solution. For instance, some companies may select a female voice as a way to appeal to a female audience, where another company may also choose a female voice with the intention of connecting to a male audience.

anatomy of a radio ad
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How to write a radio ad script