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This is also a rather famous topic which is often used for a number of essay writing pieces. Meetings with union or worker representative, company newsletter and company handbooks will be important aids in maintaining effective employee relations.

Development involves developing knowledge that may be used today or sometime in the future. Yvonne McLaughlin suggests that there is an equation, which gives a good model of the basic requirements, and how they relate to each other in order to achieve the best staff performance in an organisation.

Taylor believed that complex jobs would be most efficiently performed if they were broken down into separate operations so that very little could go wrong. After doing this, the human resource manager has to find out what skills or qualifications each employee in the company has.

Promotion is based on competence, performance and adherence to values and ethical standards.

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The majority of the companies understands the fact these days and further tries to make sure that all their employees have the right kind of support and guidance that will help them throughout that learning curve.

These targets are always in alignment with unit or departmental goals that the employee works in and hence, aligns with organisational objectives. This theory suggests that unsatisfied needs can lead to dissatisfaction. In the beginning of Human Resource Management, the roles of Human Resource personnel was mainly just to hire employees, deal with compensation, benefits, legal issues, and the firing of employees.

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