Identify four types of control mechanisms ways controls are applied used in your selected organizati

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If managers discover that certain specific actions produce consistently superior results, then it might be beneficial to inform employees of the specific actions that are expected of them, for example, by publishing these desired actions in a procedures manual. Hints of the softer side of T-groups can still be observed in modern team-building fads, however.

Corporate staff usually and frequently visit subsidiaries to confer and socialize with the local management. Feedforward controls, sometimes called preliminary or preventive controls, attempt to identify and prevent deviations in the standards before they occur.

Hence, it reduces the dependence on direct supervision when applied well.

Concurrent control example

Like any other economic good, the control tools are costly and should be implemented only if the expected benefits exceed the costs. Even though these measures do not directly assess the desired result area long-range profitability , and measurement is imprecise, they could provide a better focus for a results-oriented control system than a sales-generated measure because of the improvement in timeliness. The answer, of course, depends on the type of sales involved. To get clues based on which common objectives can be set to get optimum coordination among units. In some situations, well-trained, highly motivated personnel can be expected, with a high degree of certainty, to perform their jobs satisfactorily without any additional control steps being taken. An alternate solution is to improve the results-accountability system. It is probably impossible to dictate what a movie director should do or even to observe his or her behavior and predict whether the finished product will be good.

The disadvantage is that all the information cannot be exchanged via visits. It requires the managers to be locally responsive to address the needs of the country in which the firm operates.

Types of organizational control

Expected performance can be defined broadly, for instance, with a goal for annual net income. Employees usually tend to control their own behavior following the cultural control norms of the firm. Finally, they can consider past experiences when developing future strategies, objectives, policies, and procedures. In general, the choice of one or more tools should involve consideration of: 1 the total need for control; 2 the amount of control that can be designed into each of the control devices; and 3 the costs of each, both in terms of money spent and unintended behavioral effects, if any. This could include a sudden crash in the U. People do not always understand what is expected of them nor how they can best perform their jobs, as they may lack some requisite ability, training, or information. Authors Tom Peters and Robert Waterman studied companies that they viewed as stellar performers and distilled eight similarities that were shared across the companies. In addition to creating an appropriate organizational structure, effectively executing strategy depends on the skillful use of organizational control systems. Budget controls A budget depicts how much an organization expects to spend expenses and earn revenues over a time period. Managers look at marketing ratios, which measure profitability, activity, and market shares, as well as sales quotas, which measure progress toward sales goals and assist with inventory controls. What controls should be added?

Figure 1: Key Control Object Feasability Determinants In box 3 of Figure 1, where knowledge of desirable specific actions is poor but good results measurements are available, control is best accomplished by controlling results. In many cases, although feedback control systems are not really feasible, they are used anyway.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of common management fads. For example, after the September 11,terrorist attacks in the U.

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Organizational Control Techniques