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I would love to see a tiger, or an elephant or a leopard, but maybe not face to face. Once you are blown away by the beauty of Sunrise Point, you can keep the evening vacant for a trip to the Sunset Point.

We stayed at Shimla for ten days. In Southwest India near the region of Kochin, is the small bustling city, Coimbatore, where I happened to be conducting a two-week teacher training workshop with my Indian colleagues, Dr.

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Catch a glimpse of it in its virgin form and interact with the simple people of Don Village to understand the history and heritage of this place. From there we reached Murree at about 1 PM the same day. Another prime attraction of the Saputara Hill station is the Pushpak Ropeway.

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Vasu and Dr. It has many beauty spots. The bright hued flowers, the clouds sailing across the sky and the snow covered peaks of the high mountains in the distance filled my heart with joy.

The view beneath simply seemed to be a fairyland. After taking bath, the trees were presenting a great natural sight. I shop around a bit, take photos. Without making you wait any further, let us take a trip through the best hill stations in Gujarat. Tourists to Wilson hill station can take a trip to a number of great waterfalls in the near vicinity.

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