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Should the US government intervene in any way in the negotiations between US auto companies and the Chinese government? KFC entered India in and has been in midst of controversies since then. At the farms of the KFC they provide hormones to the parrot to grow faster and be fatten quickly. The decision of company might be influence the company and public if they are taking the unethical idea to run for business. KFC grew rapidly under the new owners and issued shares to the public on March 17, To show their sincerity in transformation, KFC even formed the KFC Animal Welfare Advisory Council, which consists of highly regarded experts in the field who will provide information and advice based on relevant data and scientific research which has been a key factor in formulating their animal welfare program. Sanders sells his interest in the U. KFC can always start slowly from the beginning by providing several choices from organic food such as organic salad, organic soya bean drink instead of carbonated flavored drinks, and mashed potatoes made from organic potatoes. Distinguish ethical decision making from other practical decision situations. This new product has fewer fat grams, fewer calories, and less sodium than original recipe chicken. The important thing of the Aristotelian method of business ethics is that people need to get away from underneath line thinking and conceive of business as an important area of the good life, living well, getting, along with others, having a sense of self respect, and being part of something that one may be proud of. Marketing has significantly contributed to its success.

Media persons were called to give the demonstration a wide coverage. KFC grew rapidly under the new owners and issued shares to the public on March 17, By then, KFC had over 3, franchised and company-owned restaurants in the world Caring is about wanting another person to succeed and do well in life and their career.

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The working time and the condition in the KFC is legal manner, they ensure that the staff have safe and healthy while doing work. On the other hand, it will be the hardest decision for KFC as they have to do surveys and further consideration whether the program is suitable for every KFC branches in the whole world as KFC have to reconsider about looking for new trustable suppliers that can continuously provide organic food and it is tough.

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This means that the company detests forced labour. Sanders' fame grew and he was given the title Kentucky Colonel by the state Governor in for his contribution to the state's cuisine.

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Lastly, this report was closed up with a conclusion justifying the essentialness of business ethics.

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