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This process means that the firefighting can stop or will be drastically reduced, at least! We don't try to fix the refrigerator without knowing how it works.

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Even a walk around the block can do wonders with your mood. As we move through time, opportunities are abound. We can't control the obstacles, but we can control our attitude. List all the benefits you can imagine. Next, plan what you are going to do, choose what your road map is going to be and be authentic when climbing your ladder. What vision do you carry in your mind? Most hang on for dear life somewhere around the middle — either happy that their view is better than most, or desperate to move towards the top, but too scared to step up to the next run in case they fall. So you need to start planning. That is the main identity of men in this culture. We can use our imagination to see possibilities.

Is your stress really worth it? With pornography, I can be in control. We climb apart from God and we suffer.

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There is no simple answer to that question. But that ladder can look like a very long one, stretching out up to the sky, and bringing you out above the clouds.

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Capturing opportunity demands risk. They are part of life. Goals keep you focused. Success never comes after first attempt.

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Climbing Which Ladder of Success