Lightbulb moment

But I felt alive for the first time in years. Now write about why. They will lead and influence people to help them achieve this difference. Easy to apply, shocking to be accepted and hard to do! For me, joining them was very intentional. Hearing those words triggered absolute clarity for me about what makes life meaningful — and how different that was to chasing hits of happiness in a career that felt out of date … even if it made lots of money.

Not once - forever! My stomach physically lurched as I contorted myself back into those old deadline-fuelled ways. For more information or to have a conversation about how you could help, however big or small, please do get in touch.

lightbulb moment quote

Storytelling Some psychologists believe we are authors of our own lives — writing stories that unfold like chapters in a book as we react to the things that happen in our life. Be vulnerable when you write about your failures. I openly traded my experience and skillset for a three-day week, doing a lesser role to protect time for what mattered most — mothering.

I boomeranged back to an old boss in London.

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The Lightbulb Moment That Taught Me To Navigate Career And Motherhood