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Du, D. And always be prepared for unexpected reversals or corrections that take place.

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When a train starts, it accelerates but moves slowly. A stock that is trending down is cold. Hong, H. Du, D. Bar Ilan University Google Scholar DP Google Scholar Think of it like the momentum of a train. When applied, an investor can buy or sell based on the strength of the trends in an asset's price. Nathan, D. Momentum Tools Some tools for momentum investors help to define the trend, such as the trend line. Dickson, J. Mobarek, A. Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series LNBIP, volume 97 Abstract In the recent debates over the informational efficiency of the stock markets, particular attention has been paid to the momentum violating the traditional finance theory which is being taught at business schools.

Once a momentum trader sees acceleration in a stock's price, earnings or revenues, the trader will often take a long or short position in the stock in the hope that its momentum will continue in either an upward or downward direction. In the middle of the trip, it stops accelerating but travels at a higher velocity.

This paper will emphasize the importance of country selection for the profitability of momentum strategies since academic literature lacks the comparison of the momentum profitability across Emerging and Developed stock markets.

Bechev, I. If a trader wants to use a momentum-based strategy, he takes a long position in a stock or asset that has been trending up. Think of it like the momentum of a train. DeBondt, W. If the trend line is down, the trend is down and the momentum investor sells the stock.

They attempt to achieve alpha returns by investing in stocks that trend one way or another.

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Updated Jan 18, What Is Momentum? Helmenstein, C. References 1.

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