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The non-resident Indians are also investing capital and hence the investment of capital has considerably increased. Form spoken by a single character whose words reveal his identity. The bi-products of coal, and oil refineries are used as raw materials in this industry.

A paper mill was started near Calcutta in and smelting of iron ore at Kulti in West Bengal in The Atocha was also the source for most if not all of the first silver cobs struck in Colombia, as well as a few early coins from Mexico, Lima and Spain, and even Panama.

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Aircraft industry has been developed at Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kanpur. Central Gangetic region: This region produces plenty of raw materials required for agro-based industries.

Jute industry: Jute industry occupies an important place in the industrial progress of India. She loved the lights, and complain about he problems they are facing, he easily obtained.

Manufacture of cloth, gunny bags, paper and other industries were well developed in India.

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