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Riasanovsky, Nicholas V. The empire unified the nomadic Mongol and Turkic tribes of historical Mongolia. Pelliot, P. He was a powerful and popular commander.

Kitayskiy Istochnik o Pervykh Mongol'skikh Khanakh.

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Conclusion As the evidence stands, the effects of the Mongol invasion were many, spread across the political, social, and religious facets of Russia. Although perhaps the Mongols greatest achievement was conquering the most extensive empire known to man at that time, it eventually led to the Mongols ultimate demise.

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Halperin, Charles J. Many additional countries became tributary states of the Mongol Empire. However, in Kievan Rus, a form of democracy did exist. Berkeley: University of California Press, Wittfogel, Karl A. Boston: Beacon Press, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, Four volumes. The danger of historical metaphors, however, is that they threaten to reduce complex events that require thorough study and reflection to understand into a set of superficial symbols that demand no thought at all. For those reading Russian, Federov-Davydov is highly recommended as is the new survey of historical geography by Yegorov. Khalkh Tovchoon.

Translated by Thomas Nivison Haining.

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The Scholar's Stage: ISIS, the Mongols, and "The Return of Ancient Challenges"