Nation and state

Given the reality of cultural diversity in many of the polities of the world, the belief that many people have that every state should be a nation and every nation should be a state seems to us to be misguided and indeed dangerous since, as we shall argue, many states in the world today in fact contain more than one nation or territorially-based cultural groups within their boundaries.

More and more, public safety is insured by private guard services rather than public police. Later in the 20th century, after the break-up of the Soviet Union, leaders appealed to ancient ethnic feuds or tensions that ignited conflict between the SerbsCroats and Slovenesas well as BosniaksMontenegrins and Macedonianseventually breaking up the long collaboration of peoples.

One thing is certain: the future of nation-states will greatly influence the future of the United Nations.

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However these ideologies are all very marginal and politically insignificant during elections. But not statehood. Consequently, after decades of progress, school enrollment percentages are beginning to fall in many countries.

In a few cases, governments have experimented with privatization of schools and the substitution of private mediation services for civil courts. But however disturbing, revived forms of nationalism may possibly be the last gasp of a long historical era.

And they offered social protections like unemployment insurance, pensions, public health services, universities, public transportation and much more.

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Nations and States