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Very few learners are going to put forward an investment at that level for an online course, and not enough of them already own VR headsets for it to be a helpful marketing tactic. This is clearly a big problem for anyone hoping to sell a VR course to the average consumer.

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Students can therefore try different approaches and understand for themselves what works best. Sorry, bookworms. Non-mobile will be preferable for most people exploring online learning with VR as the mobile headsets are much cheaper.

LAS Online courses may provide students more flexibility and convenience when scheduling their academic day, but the idea that online classes and coursework require less time than face-to-face courses is just not true.

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In a traditional classroom or lecture, you learn by listening to your teacher and talking to classmates. Barriers to learning online There is plenty of positive information about an online education with some very obvious advantages. Myth 4 Cheating is easy in an online class. This immersive form of learning has many advantages, for example being in a virtual chemistry lesson and the lecturer spawning a molecule or showing a chemical reaction virtually in that classroom. Reality This is becoming an outdated view as an increasing number of colleges offer their own online course and so many post-secondary institutions want students who can stand out and contribute in a variety of educational environments. Using virtual reality software, the typical classroom could be converted from a lecture hall into a vehicle for travel, allowing students to walk through a historic city or building in history class, or grab and manipulating objects, graphs, or data for a math lesson. This transformation allows information on highly specialized subjects to reach more people, paving the way for advances in fields from robotic control theory to corporate leadership. A virtual classroom would bring the benefits of a traditional classroom to their living room, by providing opportunities to engage their classmates and attract the attention of their instructor. Choice of content should be developed in a virtual reality environment.

Students will learn to work with all types of people in a range of group based activities, getting very different perspectives on a range of topics taught in that class.

Examples of VR currently being used in learning online Here are some examples of how VR is currently being used in the educational industry.

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Myths & Realities of Online Learning