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We heard a few remarks of it looking like a Myvi on steroids. The Value-Based pricing strategy is highly effective for the Myvi and is in line with customer value-perceptions.

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From the concept of advertisement layout, the contingency we will find that Perodua is putting significant emphasizes on its car Unique Selling Proposition USP. For this year, Perodua plans to spend To capitalize on shifting consumer preference, companies have also launched smaller vehicles with lower price tags.

Withunits sold since then, the five-door hatchback has certainly been popular with the public. This can be concluded as the withdrawal of baby boomers leads to the growth of Gen-Y and Z. Getting the right product to the right place at the right time involves the distribution system.

The Myvi pricing has an advantage over comparable vehicles due to its environmental benefits and fuel cost savings.

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Malaysia's largest carmaker Perodua raises sales target