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The role and influence of regional political parties is on the increase. After going through the essays you will get an insight of Indian politics and its structure.

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One serious off shoot of this was that at the centre there was no powerful and effective opposition to check high-handedness of the ruling congress government which with its thumping majority could get each and every bill passed and every policy approved from the Parliament. It had no feedback from the people. As set out in the Constitution, the maximum size of the Lok Sabha is members, comprising up to members representing people from the states of India, up to 20 members representing people from the Union Territories, and two members to represent the Anglo-Indian community if it does not have adequate representation in the house according to the President. From unwritten law, a step forward towards written law was taken when Acts were passed in , , , and then in There have been events that took place during his ruling party. Enjoy proficient essay. Former Indian prime minister, Rajiv Gandhi has admitted that only 15 percent of isolated area reached their potential beneficiaries. She had a keen interest in Indian politics and helped her father Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first Indian Prime Minister, with his political agendas. She has served as the president of the party. We cannot expect our country to grow in the right direction when the power is in the hands of such politicians. M etc. They exist in the constituency for only the limelight when, once again he has to go to the people for their votes, for the next assignment for another five years of his own prosperity. It is believed that with the passing of time politic?

On indian market would almost have ostensibly child welfare system and pakistan that our country would later become a literature review. A comparison of India and Sri Lanka.

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Some of the problems include inequality among social groups. In the case of conflicting legislation, a joint sitting of the two houses is held. He, of course, used to have his Ministers who provided him feedback in order to enable him to take a decision, but it was not obligatory for of the king to accept their advise. The method of election in the local legislatures is the single transferable vote. She came to power in the year and successfully completed her term in The only way to bring about a positive change in the political system is to raise voice unanimously. You will also appreciate the diversity of India and the role that the politics plays in making the voices of people heard. The ruler used to be above law of the land. The latest trend of the nexus the politician-businessman and the bureaucrat make Indian politician a very strong entity to reckon with has, in this nexus the combined strength of money power and muscle power, what more can anyone aspire from the politics. The Indian Constitution requires that voters do not have to travel more than 2 km 1. The language used by political candidates about each other is often vivid.

The BJP, in alliance with several other parties, led the government between Long and Short Essay on Indian Politics in English Here we have given short and long essay on Indian Politics of varying lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

In independent India even political parties are formed in the name of a political leader e. During British days and after independence under the new constitution central government has been made very powerful, but still the stress has all along been in keeping away from village affairs and granting considerable autonomy to village Panchyats.

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In India, upper class Hindus make promises using voters as a tool to gain power in an election. Corrupt has not challenge apartheid.

The parliament of India has a good number of women members and the number is increasing with each election. She began her political career at the age of 27 when she got elected to the Maharashtra Legislative Assembly for the Jalgaon constituency. Even, there is the growth of political Parties, which is not controlling in the country and the service of the people is nowhere in the agenda of these new or old politicians.

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Deliberately two major religious communities and small religious groups and religious minorities were made to bitterly fight with each other. It was a feudal system and the society was a feudalistic society. Regionalism: Another characteristic or feature of our political system is regionalism i. Since , the size of the court has been The government of India is formed for a total of five years. The political system of the country needs serious reforms to ensure proper growth and development of the country. The Company governed a large part of India but again basically the system remained the same. In fact, it was good or bad luck of the people to have either benevolent or cruel monarch.

She believed in herself and thus gathered the courage to separate from the Indian National Congress and form a party of her own in

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