Principles and applications of adult learning

Jeff P. Experienced and Knowledgeable: Adult learners have a wide range of experience and knowledge that they bring to their current learning. It is by finding these connections that we find our motivations.

They prefer to be active participants in the whole learning experience. It refers to the learning for children. What is it you would truly benefit from learning at any point in time?

principles of teaching adults pdf

Relevancy-Oriented: Adult learners want the learning to be relevant to their requirements and work experience. Outline clear learning objectives. Provide a sense of control.

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They learn best when the subject is of immediate use. How can I connect them into my current lifelong learning pursuits? It is therefore important to incorporate this prior knowledge and experience while designing a course.

They become ready to learn things in order to cope effectively with real-life situations. By understanding and applying Adult Learning Principles, Instructional Designers can create the right engagement quotient in eLearning courses.

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Applying the 6 Key Principles of Adult Learning to Yourself