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It constantly engages the public in social platforms.

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Clear goals and objective furthering objectives. For example, if a local charity to help kids with autism is looking to raise money and awareness, they could hold a large event such as a gala or charity golf event.

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Due to this brand name, Oxfam has been able to receive constant reviews from donors who support its course. Marketing will then be done both online and at its outlets respectively depending on the characteristics of the segmentation.

Create social platforms and advertisement techniques that shall see it improve the effect if its new retail brand product. Economic Factors The main factors that affect Oxfam economically are the pay levels, energy prices and labor, demand, and supply.

Threats Oxfam is threatened especially with the death of volunteers and employees in insecure countries such as Afghanistan which has had a toll in employee commitment.

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The progress and improvement was to be during the implementation of each project. Social Factors There are no social factors that affect Oxfam as the organization gets based on charity, and there is no requirement for things like hosting major celebrities and sporting event. Political frustration associated with contentious issues such as global warming. As a business owner, you know the value of doing your research, maximizing resources and generating revenues. Targeting will be done on the items that receive the highest purchases in order to influence the brand and ensure it is widely recognized. Parents expect to get requests from the parent organization, making it a warm situation to solicit funds or help. An example in business is being the first chiropractor in a town filled with athletes looking for non-surgical relief of pain.

Oxfam International:Who we are. If you are working with local nonprofits, follow the same SWOT Analysis guidelines to maximize the organization's effectiveness and bring the value of your expertise to help the charity fulfill its mission.

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In this marketing plan, Oxfam intends to both awareness of its agenda in poverty and injustice reduction by motivating its workers and rebranding its Oxfam stores. Generates revenue through its stores and fundraisings Social Is organized into affiliates prompting social participation. Notable concern is placed on injustices related to gender and the acquiring of positive discrimination for past injustices. The forces are classified into the macro and micro environment. This consumption psychology exists in most of Chinese It is also threatened by a continuous reduction in the quality of products offered at its retail outlets. Conclusion In summation, it is quite clear that Oxfam has the intention of improving its revenue source thorough rebranding its retail store both online and at its outlets. This shall vary depending on the country, level of execution and process involved towards achieving the objective. The rise of disposable income in developed countries such as UK and USA have seen its revenue collection grow profoundly since its inception.
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OXFAM Marketing Plan