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Successful learning about project management requires in-class student involvement, interaction, and participation. Some examples include: Click the arrow next to the heading "KU Course " - this will put the search results in alphabetical order according to the KU course number.

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Some examples include: "University of Newcastle" "spring" - this will generate a list of courses taught at the University of Newcastle during KU's spring semester. Therefore, late submissions will not be accepted. These courses DO require faculty approval to determine if an equivalency exists for you.

Include quotation marks. In class, we will discuss case studies, projects in the news, and situations that students have observed or in which they have been, are, or will be involved.

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What you learn depends on how much quality time and effort you devote to reading and studying. If you are going on a KU faculty-led program or internship, you do not need to complete the academic plan and approval form. Course Description The course provides and interdisciplinary approach that blends management principles, Quality concepts and philosophies, Supply Chain Management, Process Improvement Methodologies such as Lean and Six Sigmaand modern quality topics applied in the global environment.

This course considers the challenges of the project environment and introduces the student to the skills needed to successfully bring a project to fulfillment.

Illegible work will not be graded. You must meet the host institution's course prerequisites, as well as the prerequisites for the equivalent KU course. The course is designed to offer the student the opportunity to learn how to effectively plan and manage projects that meet their organization's business goals, that effectively apply capital and that obtain the desired return on investment.

Make sure your academic advisor or director of graduate studies reviews and approves the entire completed form after you have obtained any needed course approvals.

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