The causes of failure among college

Correlation among maternal rejection, dropping out of school and drug use in adolescents: A pilot Study. J Adv Nurs. So their lack of interest results in the dissatisfactory result. Most of them use the same learning methods like that of secondary level.

Failure in exams are usually caused by these factors: 1. Over confidence:Just like experts suggest lack of confidence lead to failure, so does possession of over confident personality.

Vanhanen L, Janhonen S.

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See Also: Uproar over plan to overhaul teacher training by government 6. Finally, you will find a poll below so you can share what you feel is currently your biggest road block while in school. Especially when we talk about the academic sector, pupils are required to pass a large number of examinations; tests and assignments for proving their intellect and learning capabilities. Are you ready to make the most of your education? I am giving you the straight deal here and not sugar coating anything. Apathy is far worse than not having the right study skills. Apathy is also far worse than being afraid of either failure or success. Methods All students who had failed their grades and had to be retained and repeat the year from 35 randomly selected schools of all grades elementary, intermediate and high school were included in this study for academic years from to Motivation and achievement: A quantitative synthesis. But recognize the issue and work toward a solution. If you can find your motivation to succeed, we can help you gain the skills necessary to maximize the potential in your life. When you are fully sure that the information is completely true only then add it to your assignments or projects.

Darling-Hammond L. Not necessarily the information you obtain is completely true.

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Yes, some students need to cut down their schedules and re-prioritize their time.

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Study Guide: Successful Students Avoid 4 Causes of Failure