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However, because of the continuous globalization, hygiene practices were set aside. In general, it can be said that consumers judge organic characteristics more positively. Although estimates vary greatly, there is agreement that foodborne illness is a serious problem. Regulatory agencies are empowered to prescribe rules, standards, and processes to control risks; to develop and maintain research programs to apply contemporary science and technology to safety decisions; to monitor risks in the food supply; and to provide information and education to all components of the food system. The interest of the scientific community in food safety is illustrated by the recent special issue of the Science magazine, which explored the potential of science to tackle the challenge of feeding the estimated 9 billion people who will inhabit the Earth by 4. Federal, state, and local governments play major roles in managing risks to protect the public from hazards in the food supply. The question arises: Can these changes be called a Good Governance? WoS tools were used to present the number of articles and their citations, relevant research areas, leading journals, countries, institutions and funding sources. In rural areas, for instance, other actors may include influential land lords, associations of peasant farmers, farmer lobby groups, cooperatives, NGOs, research institutes, finance institutions political parties Those characteristics are: participation, consensus orientation, accountability, transparency, responsiviness, effectiveness and efficiency, equitability as well as inclusivity and following the rule of law. WoS was chosen as a widely used citation database , so that the results of the study could be comparable to other citation analyses. The Good Governance thus extends beyond the public sector to include all other actors from the private sector and society www. The susceptibility of the consumer and the magnitude of exposure determine whether those hazards cause immunological changes, genetic and developmental changes, cancer, or death.

The bazaar economy, in which a large proportion of the population of these cities was engaged, was seen as a disadvantaged sector comprising low-income people. Hazards are biological, chemical, or physical substances that can cause adverse consequences. This study suggests that school foodservice directors need to be committed to food safety programs if they are to be effective.

Thesis of food safety

It is important to note that there are strong regulations concerning the growing and preservation processes, but only few studies have investigated the relationship between food safety and the consumer in depth. Afterwards other aspects important to answer the research questions are investigated, such as the Generation Y, health consciousness, and food safety.

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The first part consisted of the list of the street foods that they patronize, the assessment of their awareness regarding the nutritional content of the street food they patronize, the awareness of the implementation of the law Philippine National Standard for food products by the government. Some even say food is thenew religionand it has become an essential component of a healthy lifestyle. Interview and observation also followed the same procedure. In answering the question whether a new kind of food regulations is developing and how does this look like, this contribution studies how these changes went in particular in Germany. This is why it is even more important to take a closer look at this development and to explain the reasons behind it to gain additional insight usable for all parties. Generally, it can be assumed that the participation rate will be quite high due to the fact that Germany is the country with the highest organic consumption in Europe. The interest of the scientific community in food safety is illustrated by the recent special issue of the Science magazine, which explored the potential of science to tackle the challenge of feeding the estimated 9 billion people who will inhabit the Earth by 4. This study will promote sufficient response to the consumers. Food define as any substance, whether processed, semi-processed or raw which is intended for human consumption and including beverages, chewing gum and any substance. The vendors will be given the necessary suggestions and recommendations to improve on their mistakes and shortcomings to make safe and healthy food products. Page 23 Share Cite Suggested Citation:"1.

For example, the goal in the industrial revolution was to feed the population and pesticides and fertilisers were used on a grand scale to keep up with the growing demand. Hart rst coined the term informal sector before it was popularized by the International Labour Ofce Report on Kenya in Harper, The potential for contamination increases as food is handled by more people.

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To conclude the research process will be scrutinised with its outcomes and limitations, which resume in an outlook for further research.

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