Water purification business plan india

Tank Sales: It is assumed that those customers who do not opt to rent their tanks will already have their own tanks or will purchase tanks from H20 Industries. Cost of carbon filtering and converting city water to H20 Industries. As a major supplier of resin stated: "US Filter is a huge concern that closes down at 5 P.

In this business, you mission statement can be to provide your customers with the best purified water they can get anywhere.

mineral water plant business plan pdf

Today, the world is becoming more and more health conscious and starting a business venture like this is a good decision that could bring you great success. Half of all directly-generated sales will involve rental tanks i. Packaged Drinking Water Industry Water Purification Plant Cost Cost cutting during installation of water purification plant is prime concern of industries seeking this installation.

how to start mineral water supplier business

Some restaurants and hotels will prefer you supply in water in plastic bottles. Tank Rental Income: Because of the high costs of purchasing tanks, many new customers opt for renting tanks on a monthly basis. S you need to obtain a business license; the Town County in your state or the www.

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