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Based on our sample data set, perform a 2-sample t-test to see if the population male and female average salaries could be equal to each other.

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Last week, we found that the average performance ratings do not differ between males and females in the population. Respond to at least two classmates by commenting on whether or not you think changing the confidence intervals will result in a different outcome.

For each group overall, females, and males find: a. All statistical calculations will use the Employee Salary Data set in Appendix section.

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What are your conclusions about equal pay at this point? If the salary and compa mean tests in questions 2 and 3 provide different results about male and female salary equality, which would be more appropriate to use in answering the question about salary equity?

Explain if you agree or disagree with the role of a confidence interval in the interpretation of the answer. Please interpret the results. Are the male and female compa average measures equal to each other? Conclusions from looking at compa results: e. When are differences between one time period and another, between different production lines, etc. Please interpret the results. Is the average performance rating the same for all grades? Numbers and measurements are the language of business.. The first step in analyzing data sets is to find some summary descriptive statistics for key variables. Be sure to show all of your work and clearly label all calculations. For assistance with these calculations, see the Recommended Resources for Week One. Problems 1.

Organizations look at results, expenses, quality levels, efficiencies, time, costs, etc. Conclusions from looking at salary results: d. The normal curve probability of exceeding this score.

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