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Authors write at different speeds but almost all set themselves a daily word count.

Write a book in a month challenge

So dialogue is good! Use that outline as your story-compass. Robert Twigger has published six novels Advertisement Sign up for our daily newsletter Newsletter. For others, such as Steven King, routine means setting yourself a target of a certain number of new pages every day in his case six and hitting that mark no matter what. To create a world you need a certain number of relationships. In fact a young gun going all out beats an old lag who thinks life's a drag anytime. As a general rule, try to avoid writing in detail about anything that happens from about the middle of the book onwards. Rowling ever do National Novel Writing month? Do those things, and you should be fine. Go to bed, even two all-nighters in a row will seriously damage your thinking abilities, and more than 11 nights without sleep will likely be the end of you. Advertisement 50, words is the absolute minimum. Oh wait, this is the worst thing ever written.

Not Again, we are so sorry. That's how you can feel its presence in the first sentence - are you being pulled by this 'something' or are you pushing an idea in your head out onto the page?

Build your skills. Get a comfortable chair.

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For example: Did you wish the ending hadn't been a cliffhanger because you found it frustrating? Advertisement Make sure you have a computer, pens, and notebooks that you like using. In fact a young gun going all out beats an old lag who thinks life's a drag anytime.

Mention anything you disliked about the book Talk about why you think it didn't work for you.

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How to write a book in 30 days