Write a detailed note on inflation accounting pdf

They are: 1 The financial statements lose their credibility as the objectivity concept is violated.

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The medium of expression is the money value. Yet, there are a number of objections to inflation accounting. Too much calculations make complications.

The chapter would further explain the research design, the population which the study would cover, the research sample and the specific method of data collection employed. Historical, research involves the interpretation narration or description of past events of facts writer in a spirit of critical enquiring for the truth.

It would be interesting to know what our capital will do in the telephone business construction price indexing ; but before we entertain ideas about reinvestment, we want to know what has happened to our purchasing power capital.

This assumes that for the output sold in a particular year the beginning of the year inventory is used up first, and onlvthen the purchases of materials during that year are utilised.

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The Board of Directors must make sure that they are not unintentionally distributing earnings from past years. Reviewing the selected literature. An additional form of the budget—the requirement budget may need to be prepared, as is presently being done by a few organizations.

Write a detailed note on inflation accounting pdf

The process of adjusting accounts to factor in price changes can result in financial statements being constantly restated and altered. Suppose a firm simply holds on to its inventory for a year and sells it off- It will realise more than the historical cost since prices will have moved up. Too much calculations make complications. Companies that fall under this category may be required to update their statements periodically in order to make them relevant to current economic and financial conditions, supplementing cost based financial statements with regular price level adjusted statements. In a similar way, the task of the firm in this ever changing society is also to provide regulation, and the essential factor required for the regulation of any system is information. A second aspect of the definition which is important is that it is a -sustained rise in the general price level. The essence of correct choice is clarity of objective. Inflation and Dividend Policy In a period of inflation, the Board of Directors must make sure that they are mainly distributing current earnings as dividends. As the need required more than one of the basic search methods, under the non-experimental research group were employed for the purpose of is study, they include: 1.

Secondly, problems may arise when inflation adjustment financial statements are to be compared from one period to another. The public understanding of the business and the various effects of inflation goes up.

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Inflation Accounting