Applet> Html > be shown in browsers where the ability to show applets has been turned off.">

Write an html program to demonstrate applet embedding disabled

The output then will appear onto the screen.

how to create an applet in java

The name of the applets will be same as the public class here HelloJava. Lack of effort from the part of the author is not an acceptable reason for omitting the alt attribute. If the width argument is present, the new object's width content attribute must be set to width.

simple applet program in java with output

For example, the image could be indistinct, or could be a complex fractal, or could be a detailed topographical map. In such cases, the alt attribute's value may be omitted, but one of the following conditions must be met as well: The title attribute is present and has a non-empty value. For images that are the sole contents of links, markup generators should examine the link target to determine the title of the target, or the URL of the target, and use information obtained in this manner as the alternative text.

adding applet to html file in java

In such cases, the alt attribute must be present but must consist of the same text as written in the image itself.

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Applets Tutorial